’17 Mino, Japan.

Official announced that the Internal Dialog : Transition no.1 is going to final stage of judge of ’17 Mino, Japan. It has been a honor to be part of this important festival for ceramist all over the world again! Some work to do before deliver the work in July. Hope for the best!

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The 4th “Hong Guang Zi Qi” international ceramics art festival

From 15-28 april, 2017. I have a chance to participate the international symposium in Yixing, China. It is actually the biggest city of Chinese teapot manufactures. You can find millions of teapot on every square inches of this city. it’s totally amazing! but the most important I found while I spent 2 weeks there was […]

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A Common Code – Weaving Indigo on OEN

A Common Code – Weaving Indigo by Ceramic Artist Aor Sutthiprapha I was looking for ceramics with texture to get inspired and came across these pieces by Aor Sutthiprapha that fit the bill exactly. Aor is a Thai born, Bangkok based ceramic artist and designer. Her series titled Weaving Indigo isn’t new by any means, […]

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The new beginning

I have made these test pieces under 2.5 months of my assistance period in Copenhagen. Soon, I ll give them a last firing and hoping they will bring me a new beginning when my time here is about to ended.

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Happy New Year 2016

Welcome the new year with chilled moment with this song. Had time to stay home watching “Le Petit Prince” Tomorrow will start the clay working day with smile!

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Hello Copenhagen!

Received an opportunity to working as assistant to MORTEN LOBNER ESPERSEN , a danish ceramic artist who has magic hand s of ceramic glaze! 3 months here will be a great experience and much to learn!  

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