Internal Dialog


This is the fruit obtained from observing self whilst immersed in one’s internal dialogue, with the following Buddha’s teaching

‘ There is mind, there is body and there is thought’

Through working in repetition overtime allow for the opportunity to observe the nature of my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I found that my thoughts flaw in and out at all the time and they cannot be controlled. I once, want to be an empty vassal, quite and serene wherever I go. With time, with the process, I found that was actually only I want it to be, it is idealistic. Whereas in reality, our body is like a container that is full of thoughts flow in and out at, arising and disappearing. This is actual normality. If we get lost in those thoughts, we will feel heavy. If not we will feel light. Simple happiness comes in. Just to see and let go. …Nothing can be bad, when our heart is good.



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